Can CBD Lotion Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Can Cbd Lotion Make You Fail A Drug Test?

If you’re scheduled for an upcoming drug test and regularly use CBD lotion, you might be worried that you’ll fail the test. Well, you wouldn’t be here on this page in the first place if you weren’t that worried!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the major cannabinoid in hemp. Because of its non-intoxication properties, it won’t make you develop any habits. Therefore, the wellness industry relies heavily on CBD-infused products. It has been shown that these products relieve physical discomfort, help with inflammation and improve the health of the skin in general. We all know that CBD skincare products have been gaining quite some popularity nowadays. You can have a variety of options of CBD products, from gummies to oils, from body lotions to vapes.

But even though these products do wonders to your body, a failed drug test for your job or your much-awaited sports competition might make you think twice about continued usage. So, this begs the question: can CBD lotion make you fail a drug test? Read on to find out more!

Will CBD Lotion Make You High? Understanding How the Product Works

CBD is a type of cannabinoid that does not contain psychoactive substances that cause you to feel high. However, some CBD products do contain small amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, a psychoactive substance present in cannabis that causes a high sensation.

But even if some CBD products do contain traces of THC, using CBD lotion won’t get you high. After all, most CBD products only contain less than 0.3% of THC content. And you’d need THC levels higher than that to yield a positive drug test result.

Furthermore, CBD lotion is classified as a cannabis topical. And just like other CBD products such as CBD balms and salves, CBD lotion is simply applied on the surface of your skin. Once the lotion is applied to your skin, it is immediately absorbed by your skin.

So, even though the lotion gets into contact with your cannabinoid receptors, the contents of the lotion won’t enter your bloodstream. In fact, a study published in 2017 confirmed that products containing THC did not result in a positive drug test result.

So, CBD Lotion Won’t Cause a Failed Drug Test.

Based on everything stated above, using CBD lotions won’t produce a positive result on a drug test. Even though some CBD products might consist of THC, the amount won’t be enough to intoxicate you. And since the product is not ingested orally and does not enter your bloodstream, you won’t have to worry about failing a drug test.

But then again, you should note that transdermal patches, a particular type of CBD topical product, are capable of penetrating into your bloodstream. These transdermal patches work similarly to nicotine patches, allowing the product’s drug particles to penetrate your capillary vessels and get into your bloodstream. But if you simply use a CBD lotion or another CBD topical, there’s nothing to worry about.

However, even with all the information supplied to you, you might still be overthinking as your scheduled test draws even nearer. And that’s perfectly fine! With that said, here are precautions you can take below to ensure everything goes well in your drug test.

Precautions You Can Take

If you’re still worried that your favorite CBD lotion might trigger a positive drug test result, you can opt for various precautions to ensure that you get a negative one. Here are some of them:

  •  Practice caution when handling your CBD topical products: Although CBD lotion is just applied to your skin, you should still be careful while handling them. Ensure you don’t accidentally get them in your eyes and mouth to avoid getting the THC substances into your bloodstream.
  •  Make sure to purchase pure CBD products from reliable manufacturers: If you want to ensure that your lotion doesn’t contain traces of THC, make sure to purchase pure CBD skincare products. CBD isolate lotions only consist of pure CBD content. They also don’t contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds, unlike full-spectrum CBD products. In addition, make sure that you’re purchasing your CBD skincare products from a reliable manufacturer as well.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it’s safe to say that you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that CBD lotion won’t yield a positive result in your drug test. Topical products such as CBD lotions are only applied on the skin’s surface and do not enter your bloodstream (except for transdermal patches).

And even if your lotion might contain THC, it should not exceed the allowed levels of THC. And if you’re still extra antsy over your drug test, you can take the necessary precautions to ensure everything goes well on the day of your drug test.

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