Does Pre Workout Cause Acne
What is pre-workout? Does it cause acne, and how? These are common questions that people typically have. If you wish to learn the answer, read below.
There are pores in the skin that look like tiny holes embedded in the skin. And when these pores get blocked by dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil, it can cause a blemish, zit, or pimple to occur. When one gets pimples frequently, it means that they likely have acne.
Acne is a widespread condition. Studies show that about 9 percent of people in the world have acne. In fact, the United States has the widest number of people who are diagnosed with this condition.
Additionally, when this statistic is combined with the percentage of people, who have gym memberships or are in fitness clubs in the US, it is understandable why so many people have the same concern “Does pre-workout cause acne?”
Deciphering the answer to this question depends on various elements that we need to cover to give you a more accurate analysis

What Does Pre-Workout Entail?

Per workout is the general name that people have given to different fitness supplements. Supplements like these typically come in the form of pills or pills. A pre-workout pill or powder is usually used in different ways as well.
They improve your performance by increasing your energy levels. These supplements are getting more famous because they help a person stimulate muscle growth better. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts, particularly weightlifters, use such supplements.
When they are used before extreme exercise, they can significantly impact an individual’s physical performance. This, in turn, helps them gain muscle power more quickly.
However, when you add pre-workout to your regimen, you have to be careful and consider a few of the tips. You need to take these tips into account to avoid having to face several health problems.
  • Understand the side effects and learn how to manage them and reduce them according.
  • Only consume those pre-workout pills or powder when you have an intense routine planned.
  • You have to consult with a dietician before you commit to pills for your fitness routine.

Does Pre Workout Cause Acne?

While no direct link can back up this claim, there have been many cases where pre-workout supplements have increased the risk of acne. No clinical studies prove that there are physical risks and effects of pre-workout.
However, when you are working out, there is an increased chance of profuse perspiration, harmful bacteria, and excessive oil, which aids in the outbreak of acne on your skin. With that being said, if you are using pre-workout supplements, your acne may worsen.
Because the cause of an acne breakout typically varies from person to person, no credible source can give you a definitive answer. The summarized answer is “maybe” at best. This is also to say that if you don’t have a history of acne, you won’t have to worry about breaking out in the first place.
This is different for people who already have a history of acne- either they have been diagnosed by a professional or have a sensitivity that makes breakouts more frequent than others.
Again, there is no certain answer whether pre-workout supplements cause acne or not. However, when you start breaking out even more so after using these supplements, then it means that one of the ingredients in the pill (or powder) is harmful to your health.
It is crucial to understand the ingredients that are present in the supplements. Even more so, you have to be aware of what you are taking inside your body. With this information, you may also better decipher how it is affecting your body in a way that increases energy levels in the first place.

How Does Pre Workout Causes Acne?

As we previously covered, there is no definitive answer about whether or not acne is caused due to pre-workout supplements. However, it is relatively clear that if someone has had acne, pre-workout can actually make it worse.
There are ingredients mixed in those supplements that may evoke those reactions. Sometimes it may only be one of those ingredients, while other times, all of those ingredients are causing those flare-ups. Read below and figure out which one may be affecting you and why.


Caffeine often causes acne flare-ups in a person, not just in pre-workout supplements but generally as well. However, caffeine also makes the person energetic and prepares the body to go through a grueling workout session, which is why so many people use it to their advantage.
The most concrete proof researchers have gathered is that caffeine releases a stress hormone called cortisol. In turn, this hormone releases a tremendous amount of oil on your skin, which often releases breakouts. Another reason can be that caffeine increases insomnia, which means that people don’t get a healthy amount of sleep, leading to acne flare-ups.


Whey is one of the most prominent sources of protein. It is found in dairy products; people produce it from cow’s milk. The boost gives your body comes from its richness in amino acids, which is what typically aids in the post-recovery process as well.
Unfortunately, many researchers agree that most dairy products worsen acne. They make it difficult for the person to control breakout in many parts of the body. It is said that processed milk, such as Whey, contributes greatly since it affects the hormones within the body.
Milk speeds the natural growth of the hormones, ultimately leading to a breakout because dairy has been known to increase breakouts. Generally, in men, many searches discovered that most of the breakouts have been on their chests and backs. This is to say that if you are experiencing acne flaring on your back and chest, the Whey protein is likely the cause.

Sugar or Sweeteners

Sugar and other forms of sweeteners in pre-workout are typically the cause of acne flaring. However, many people love them because they create delicious and sweet flavors and people who love this particular taste.
While sugar and sweeteners may seem like healthier options, many studies say that swapping sugar as a substitute causes your skin to flare up more often.
This is because the human body does not need artificial sweeteners; in fact, the body excretes that same artificial sugar through urine and sweat. And when you work out after taking those artificial sweeteners, you actually sweat that sugar from your pores.
Moreover, that sugary perspiration isn’t good for your skin. Indeed, it leads to inflammation, blocked pores, and of course, severe flare-ups.

Final Thoughts

Pre-workout supplements are often used by many people who are fitness enthusiasts. However, someone with a history of acne will likely experience breakouts due to the ingredients mixed in the pills or powder. While there isn’t any clinical link between this condition, it is rather common to experience flare-ups when you work out, especially on these supplements.
However, you will easily manage your acne once you take preventative measures and take good care of your skin with products that keep it clean and fresh.

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