How Has Colorado Benefited from Cannabis Legalization?

How Has Colorado Benefited From Cannabis Legalization?

Several square feet of lush green cannabis plants, shielded with a glass roof of the greenhouse that it’s kept under, yielding just about the right temperature, humidity, and filtered air, produces possibly the best Cannabis in the world! Or at least, that is what the people of Colorado state – the first state to have implemented the legalization of recreational marijuana believe they grow. Honestly speaking, we don’t know if it’s the best one in the country; we know that it’s definitely “curated” for you to receive exactly what you’d like from the herb instead of merely being “grown.” But before we get into how Colorado’s legalization of marijuana has proved to be unconventional for CBD products, it’s essential to understand why it was banned in the first place?

The History of Cannabis Before legalization

How Has Colorado Benefited From Cannabis Legalization?

In the 1930s, Harry J. Anslinger, head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, ensured that the drug was tied to a larger motive of creating xenophobia among the American population. In 1910, the United States witnessed several Mexican immigrants in the wake of the Mexican Revolution. What they brought with them was the tradition of smoking marijuana and the popular name, which was earlier just Cannabis. Despite having no valid proof from the vast number of scientists surveyed, through the help of media and propaganda films such as Reefer Madness (1936), he was able to announce the Marihuana Tax Act in 1937. The act banned the drug all over the United States. Just the right amount of racial stereotyping and movies showcasing people losing their inhibitions and ending up in dangerous situations was enough to overthrow its numerous benefits. We mean, of course, benefits acquired through administered use under professionals. Owing to the growing movement in the United States to reap the herb’s medicinal assistance in treating illnesses, however, in 1996, California became the first state to legalize pot. It was for medicinal use at first. Subsequently, in 2012, Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives to decriminalize recreational marijuana. Today, more than 30 states have accepted its use with their state law, allowing its use to varying degrees.

Colorado Cannabis Companies Uncover the Underrated Herb


Post legalization, people can discover the herb in all its flavors and variations. The otherwise hindered possibilities with the ban have opened far and wide for the Cannabis market. So much so that Morones, a former pharmacy technician interviewed by USA Today, quit his average job to work in Colorado’s booming marijuana industry specifically. He says people are often taken aback by the nature of products, their applicable methods, and the innumerable ailments the plant can seek to serve. How marijuana is smoked, digested, vaporized, or rubbed by the human body has a great deal of impact on its ultimate effects. Definitely then, the humidity, air quality, temperature, and light would have unique effects on the final products. Free, organic experimentation is thus grounds for numerous newly launched cannabis products in Colorado.

What is CBD, and why is it so popular? Suppose, one day, you find out that there exists something in the world that could cause relief to your irritating eczema. Or an extract of it in capsules could relieve you from anxiety? Products added to your skincare routine could help you keep young and glowing? All this, with the added advantage of being “nature’s product,” has made CBD the talk of the town. CBD is short for Cannabidiol which comes from the Cannabis plant. Hemp is a type of Cannabis plant that happens to be high in CBD but low in the psychotropic element (THC) that actually makes you high! See what we did there? In other words, CBD is a small part of the hemp plant that has all the miraculous benefits without it leaving you with mind-altering side effects. It’s also readily available in over-the-counter products, provided you are of legal age.

Is CBD Sustainable?

With the effects of climate change already blatantly evident, we cannot simply ignore the cost the planet has to pay for each one of our commercial needs. Although CBD is a natural resource, it’s still expensive to produce, mainly because CBD is a very small part of the hemp plant. Luckily, hemp requires relatively fewer resources to grow. It requires 50% less water than cotton and can withstand low temperatures. Thus, regulated heating to help induce growth is not a factor in its maintenance. Hemp also doesn’t require much cost on pesticide. Phew! Lastly, all the different parts of the plant have their own unique utility, from clothing to oils, inhalants, and more. All the reasons mentioned above make CBD entirely sustainable. Nevertheless, acres worth of CBD farming requires producers to commit to responsible farming and limit the use of chemical fertilizers, which is a threat to our planet.

Voibon Tips

Always look out for CBD products that are grown sustainably. The best way to ensure that is to become an educated customer. Read up about different brands offering CBD products and from where they source their components. Make sure the Cannabis is grown using sustainable practices, and avoid buying from questionable sources. Just as a rule, the THC levels should remain less than 0.3% when the product is lab tested.


The gold rush lasted in Colorado for a few more years. Being the first state to implement cannabis legalization, Colorado has led to it becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Post legalization, hemp fields have suddenly replaced traditional crops like corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. It’s become a “gold rush,” which will stay for a couple of years. In 2021, Colorado’s Cannabis companies made a whopping 2.2 billion dollars from selling their products. And the number has only seen an incline since sales were initiated in 2014. And it’s going to stay on the rise before it eventually dips. As more states legalize cannabis for recreational purposes, the demand for Cannabis will inevitably decline as it becomes a common practice of commercialization. Till then, enjoy Colorado’s sweet organic assortment of CBD products, one of the leading producers of Cannabis in the world!

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