The Most Unique and Funkiest CBD Products in 2022

The Most Unique And Funkiest Cbd Products In 2022

As we begin to learn and understand more about CBD products we are discovering new and exciting applications for this wonderful compound. From lip balms to drinks, from vaporizers to face masks, there is no end to what CBD can be used to improve and influence our daily lives. Consuming CBD orally is not for everyone – whether you dislike the taste or the feeling sometimes eating or drinking CBD products is just not for you. That is perfectly fine, everyone is entitled to their personal preferences. But, what if you still want to experience the amazing benefits CBD has to offer? Well, you’re in luck! Here are some special and interesting CBD products for you (and your pets!) to try out.

CBD Balm for Dogs

CBD is an amazing compound capable of providing tremendous benefits to consumers in every aspect of their life. But, it’s often overlooked how beneficial CBD can be for pets as well as their owners. CBD is incredibly effective at relieving inflammation and soothing pain – that’s why so many great CBD balms and lotions are available on the market. Therefore, it seems obvious that CBD is a great method of treatment for canine arthritis or hypersensitivity. Dogs that suffer from rashes and itching can potentially see huge improvements in little to no time simply by applying CBD balms directly onto the problem area.

The Most Unique And Funkiest Cbd Products In 2022

CBD Nipple Balm

The Most Unique And Funkiest Cbd Products In 2022

Sensitive nipples are an issue that transcends gender and can potentially become incredibly frustrating if left untreated. Whether or not you are suffering from acute eczema, chafing from running, a tough pregnancy, or simply suffering from dry and flaky skin – CBD nipple balm may be just what you need. CBD in the forms of lotions and balms is often most effective when applied directly to the problem area rather than consumed orally. It really helps the CBD focus its effect on a particular area or body part. Applying CBD nipple balm directly to the nipple and surrounding skin can show improvement in no time at all. Most nipple balms are suitable for use on other body parts.

It is important to note that if you are suffering from sore nipples due to breastfeeding then using CBD nipple balms may not be advised. While there is no concrete evidence supporting the idea that CBD nipple balm can have adverse effects on the breastfeeding infant, there is also no evidence that is going to be perfectly fine. When it comes to your newborn baby, as always it’s best to err on the side of caution.

CBD Muscle Balm

While the most common use for CBD products by most people IS to soothe aches and pains, it’s usually inflammation of joints such as arthritis that gets most of the commercial attention. However, CBD is equally if not more so effective at soothing sore muscles and relieving aches and pains from excessive exercising. Applying CBD muscle balm directly to the problem area should potentially become a key component of your post-workout recovery process whether you are a professional athlete or a casual jogger trying to soothe sore calves and aching thighs.

Muscle balms are not exclusively to treat aches and pains. While that is their primary function they are equally as effective as any other CBD balm at treating sore skin and inflammation. Getting a thorough workout normally means sweating, sweating often means chafing, and chafing means dry and flakey skin. If left untreated it can go from slightly unpleasant to downright painful in no time at all. That’s why CBD muscle balms are such an effective recovery tool – targeting every localized problem area from overworked muscles to heat rash. There is also evidence that applying CBD muscle balms to the soles of your feet, chest, neck, and arms can improve sleep quality and restfulness.

The Most Unique And Funkiest Cbd Products In 2022

CBD Face Mask

The Most Unique And Funkiest Cbd Products In 2022

Our faces are often incredibly sensitive and bare the brunt of our everyday lives whether it’s trudging face first into cold and biting winds or sweating buckets at the gym, our faces are incredibly prone to becoming sore, flakey, and itchy. There are a ton of products on the market that attempt to remedy sore and flakey skin on the face. But, almost none do it quite as effectively as a CBD face mask. CBD face masks are capable of soothing sensitive skin, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain, all without clogging up your pores (as many face lotions and creams tend to do).

Applying a CBD face mask is a relatively quick process. First, it is important to wash your face thoroughly with clean water – you do not need to use soap and moisturizers beforehand (many CBD face masks discourage this). Then, carefully apply the CBD face mask the same way you would apply any other. Leave the mask on your skin for around 20-30 minutes to give your skin time to fully absorb all of the CBD and any other soothing properties your particular brand of face mask may contain. If you have never used a face mask before, this is as good a starting place as any. They are cool, soothing, relaxing, and don’t interfere with your daily life as most films depict. You don’t need to lounge around on the couch with cucumber on your eyes, it’s perfectly fine to wear the mask while you’re working from home or tidying up the kitchen, reading a book, whatever you like. Or, you can lounge, and let the CBD relief wash over you while being distraction-free.

Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to the awesome possibilities that are out there in regards to unique and interesting uses for CBD that can benefit your (or your dog’s) daily life. CBD is an amazing product that can benefit almost every individual from their physical well-being to their mental health. From dry ears to swollen ankles. If you haven’t yet tried CBD and are wondering whether there is a product right for you and your needs, it is a safe bet that there is. You’ll just need to use articles like this to help you find it!

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