Why Do We Say Anti-inflammatory is Anti-oxidation?

Why Do We Say Anti-inflammatory Is Anti-oxidation?

The human body often tends to face different conditions at some point and when this happens, it means the body’s immune system is unable to overcome certain external irritants. Both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation have been shown to have some things in common, especially when the body shows some signs. In some cases, oxidations can lead to chronic inflammation and vice versa. The body’s immune system can be triggered by both infections and injuries. Immune cells, known as macrophages help in producing free radicals while also preventing germs that may want to invade the system. These free radicals can cause inflammation. Here is what to know about anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation.

What is Oxidation?

The Nature of Oxidation

Why Do We Say Anti-inflammatory Is Anti-oxidation?

When the body is faced with imbalances between free radicals and antioxidants, it refers to as oxidative stress. The free radicals are the oxygen that contains molecules with uneven electron numbers. These numbers are responsible for easy interaction with other molecules. There can also be an easy reaction with other molecules as free radicals can lead to massive chemical reactions in the body. When this happens, it is known as oxidation. In some cases, they can be beneficial, and at the same time, dangerous.

How Oxidation Happens

Oxidation can take place when there is an existing imbalance between the formation of free radicals and cells’ capability to clear them. An example of this is too many radicals and peroxynitrite which can lead to lipid peroxidation, thus causing damage to lipoproteins and cell membranes.

What is Inflammation?

The Nature of Inflammation

Inflammation is the process whereby, the white blood cells of the body and the thins they make serve as protection for the body from being infected by external invaders such as viruses and bacteria. In some cases, the body’s immune and defense system may also trigger inflammation in the absence of invaders to fight off, especially in some diseases such as arthritis. The immune system acts in a strange way such as the tissues being infected, leading to damage in the case of these autoimmune diseases.

The nature of inflammation can take two forms. First, it can be acute, and secondly, it can be chronic. Acute inflammation nature, a short-term inflammation that takes place when an individual is injured or infected. Oftentimes, it shows redness, swelling, warmth, and the affected areas can be very painful. The second inflammation nature, chronic inflammation is the one that happens in the long-term. Over time, this inflammation mature can lead to an attack on the healthy immune system and can lead to autoimmune issues. Some conditions have been heavily liked with this inflammation nature such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and certain diseases related to the bowels.

Why Do We Say Anti-inflammatory Is Anti-oxidation?

How Inflammation Happens

The body may come up with some signs when there is inflammation, especially if you have a particular wound that swells up or turns red, and at the same time, hurts. Truthfully speaking, when the body’s immune system responds to irritants, it results in inflammation. However, the irritant may be a foreign object – may be a splinter in one of your fingers. Also, the irritant could be a germ. With this, when an individual notices a bacteria-infected wound, it doesn’t mean is just happening. In some cases, it may also be that the wound is oozing pus or has a poor healing process. Inflammation happens even while the body is putting efforts together to resist irritants.

When information happens, the body’s white blood cell chemicals go into either blood or tissues to ensure the body is secure from any kind of invaders. As a result, the flow of blood rises to the part of the body injured or infected, causing likely redness or warmth. During this process, the body tissues will take in some fluid leaked by some of the chemicals causing it to swell up. The protective process may result in nerve triggers causing pain. Excessive white blood cell numbers and their production in the joints can make it irritating as well as joint lining swelling. It can also lead to cartilage loss as time goes on.

Relationship between Oxidation and Inflammatory

When Oxidation and Inflammatory Happen

Antioxidants are responsible for tissue-damage protection. In the first place, they do not allow inflammatory responses to occur. On the other hand, other certain nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids play a major role when it comes to an inflammatory response. Normally, once the elimination of infection takes place or tissue damage is repaired by the immune system, leads to eradicating inflammation. However, the inflammatory response can also be triggered by oxidative stress and in return, will lead to producing more free radicals that can be responsible for more oxidative stress, building a cycle  

Why Inflammatory Causes Oxidation

An individual may experience oxidative stress as produced by inflammation. Thanks to its ability to reduce cellular antioxidant capacity. Inflammation causes immune cells in secreting different cytokines as well as chemokines. This takes place by recruiting a different wide range of cells to the oxidative stress site. Reflexively, when immune cells generate an enhanced ROS at the inflammation site, it leads to both oxidative stress and tissue injury.

How can We Prevent Aging by Anti-inflammatory?

Why Do We Say Anti-inflammatory Is Anti-oxidation?

There are a couple of ways to prevent aging by anti-inflammatory. First, certain content in CBD oil products has proved to help suppress aging. According to a study, one of the ways to prevent aging by anti-inflammatory is linked to some properties found in CBD oil. CBD oil, whether topical or ingestible can help to prevent aging.

Moreover, some anti-inflammatory food or diet helps to prevent aging such as fresh veggies and fruits. These rich foods are mostly a good source of antioxidants. These dietary antioxidants help in getting rid of the body’s free radicals.


Both free radicals and antioxidants make up the body’s healthy function. And at the same time, oxidation can take place when there are imbalances in both free radicals and antioxidants. Oxidation can result in damaging several tissues, resulting in many diseases with time. It may be difficult to avoid free radical exposure. While the immune system helps to wage war against external irritants, it is best to keep the body in a healthy state as well.

Voibon Tips

Aging is inevitable but employing anti-inflammatory can help to greatly slow down the process, especially with the use of various CBD products. Also, the consumption of healthy fruits and veggies and other CBD edibles will help prevent quick aging. .

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