Why Do Some People Appear Older Than Their Age?
Looking like 35 BUT you are actually 25? Here're the reasons.
Why Do Some People Appear Older Than Their Age?
Every once in a while, you’ll see a person who makes you go, “Why do they look older than their biological age?’ You might look at a few celebrities and wonder why they look 40+ while still in their twenties.
We know what you’re thinking: They drink a lot, so their perceived age is 45. Or maybe you think it’s due to the stress and exhaustion of fame. But that’s not true! Men and women look older than their biological age because of different variables like hemoglobin and ESR levels.
In this article, we’ll discuss in-depth the science behind why some people’s perceived age is so different from their biological age and what Chinese medicine has to say about it:

Why Do People Look Older Than Their Age?

Let’s discuss in-depth why some celebrities look older than their age:

Signs That You Look Older Than Your Age

Over time, your body will start aging naturally. But the signs of your perceived age exceeding your biological age are quite different.
Look out for these signs and symptoms:
  • You have a dry skin
  • You have brown/sunspots
  • You notice fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s-feet
  • You always look worn out
  • Your cheeks are sagging, and you’ve lost your “glow.”
  • You have rough patches and papery textured skin.

Understanding the Science Behind Looking Older Than Your Age

Why Do Some People Appear Older Than Their Age?
Contrary to popular belief, drinking alcohol and having stress is not the primary reason people look older than their actual age. Instead, research reveals that looking older is more complex.
In men, higher serum cholesterol and low blood hemoglobin rate cause them to look older, as it highlights the signs of aging. High serum cholesterol level traces its root to obesity, high blood pressure, low physical activity, and diet. High cholesterol can cause premature aging, including wrinkles, sagging skin, and rough patches. At the same time, having less hemoglobin due to iron or vitamin deficiency or inability to produce enough red blood cells can cause wrinkles, tired, and pale skin.
On the contrary, high Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) and low serum bilirubin caused women to look a different age than their biological one. Typically, ESR increases due to anemia, kidney disease, or pregnancy, whereas low serum bilirubin occurs due to low red blood cells, cirrhosis, and toxic drug reactions. In both cases, your skin looks tired, worn out, and aged.

Asian Science of Aging: It’s All About Qi

Chinese medicine offers a different yet equally exciting view on why people look older than their age. According to these practitioners, weakness of the kidney and spleen can accelerate the process of perceived aging.
In TCM theory, the spleen is the foundation of wellness and energy and the source of qi. Moreover, it is believed to be the “life force,” and everything in the world comprises qi. Followers and practitioners of qi state that an illness or deficiency in the body appears due to imbalanced qi. Therefore, it is also responsible for your body’s digestion and metabolism rate.
The spleen-stomach theory, central to qi, plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. An up or down in the functioning of the spleen or stomach can cause spleen deficiency syndromes, gastrointestinal disturbances, and interfere with the nourishment your organs and tissue receive.
A weak, unhealthy digestive system or spleen deficiency can cause swelling on your face. Moreover, it can cause puffiness under the eyes, facial dullness, and loss of skin elasticity, thus making you look older.

Other Reasons That Make You Look Older Than Your Age

Wondering at what age you start looking old? While the exact depends on various factors, most people notice signs of aging during their late twenties. Here are several additional reasons you might look older than your age:
  • A sedentary life
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Poor diet
  • Inadequate water intake
  • Excessive sugar intake

How to Bring Youth Back to Your Face?

Do you want to be that person who looks in the mirror and wonders, “Why do I look younger than my age?” Achieving glowing, healthy, and young skin starts with taking proper care of your body.
Here we’ll discuss the secrets to freezing aging inside out:

5 Ways to Prevent Aging from the Inside

Making a few lifestyle changes is an effective way of replacing the tiredness and puffiness on your skin. Here are things you can do to ensure you stay young and beautiful:
  • Combating qi, aka spleen deficiency, by improving your sleep schedule and getting rest
  • Eating healthful, energizing, and lightly cooked foods
  • Exercisings, such as walking, swimming, dancing, or even yoga
  • Lowering stress and taking care of your mental health
  • Practicing mindfulness and adopting habits that make you happy
Why Do Some People Appear Older Than Their Age?

5 Ways to Prevent Aging from the Outside

Restore your skin’s healthy glow and beauty by trying these tips and tricks to combat premature skin aging:
  • Using a high-SPF sunscreen to protect your skin
  • Using physical and chemical exfoliants that are gentle and hydrate your skin
  • Applying a facial moisturizer that traps water
  • Using a Vitamin C/Niacinamide/Hyaluronic Acid/ Retinol serum
  • Trying anti-aging cleansers, creams, and oils
Why Do Some People Appear Older Than Their Age?

Recommended Anti-Aging Products

Here are several incredible anti-aging products you can try to combat premature aging:
  • CBD-Infused Cream/Oil- Transform your skincare routine by adding a CBD-infused cream or oil to the mix. Since CBD is the active ingredient of phytocannabinoid, the CBD molecules influence brain receptors to combat wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser and Serum- Including a hyaluronic-rich product in your skincare regime can help stretch and flex your skin, thus reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet. It can also reduce scarring and improve the appearance of dark circles
  • Vitamin C Cleanser and Niacinamide MoisturizerUsing a vitamin C cleanser with a niacinamide moisturizer/serum can promote collagen production that makes your skin look younger and more beautiful. Additionally, it can reduce darker patches, protect against skin damage, prevent skin sagging, reduce discoloration, and combat dullness

The Bottom Line

We hope you’ve learned why some people and celebrities now look older than their age. If you’ve noticed premature wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet adorning your skin, it’s time to introduce a new skincare regime to your life.
Add the anti-aging products discussed above and follow the lifestyle changes to ensure your skin retains its glow and you look healthy and happy forever.

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